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Visit Lonavala: 7 Reasons you must Visit Lonavala This Monsoon

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Visit Lonavala: Officially Lonavala is a town and a Hill station in Pune district. It is about 64 kilometres (40 mi) west of modern-day Pune city and 96 kilometres (60 mi) from the city of Mumbai. It is known for its production of the hard candy chikki.

Lonavala is an important hill station and one of the most visited tourism attraction especially during monsoon. In 1871, the Lonavala and Khandala hill stations were discovered by Lord Elphinstone, who was the Governor of Bombay Presidency at the time.

Lonavala is still one of the best places to visit this Monsoon. Here are the 7 reasons why you must Visit Lonavala This Monsoon

1 Lonavala is romantic, adventurous place during monsoon, for Mumbaikars it is best place to visit as it is near Mumbai and less crowded

lonavala in rainy season

2 Monsoons are the loveliest in Lonavala; the mixture of soft green under your feet and cool mist fanning your face never falls short.

Lonavala hill place

3 Road way to reach Lonavala is just Beautiful. Everything is fun when a visit to a place can be made into a road trip that one can take and still be home in time for dinner.

road way to lonavala

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4 Tiger hills provide for a complete entertainment kit with lush green hills, cool breezy hilltops and surprisingly hot pakoras with tea.

lonavala mumbai distance

5 There are number of waterfalls at lonavala. You will get to see many waterfalls during your way to Lonavala. The long, quiet, empty roads leading up to the hills are perfect for both long rides and long walks.

lonavala waterway

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6 Lonavala remains one of the finest places to visit near Mumbai during the rains thanks to its marvellous ambience during the season. While Mumbai is busy getting flooded during the rains, Lonavala is at its scenic best with cloud-kissing cliffs and gushing waterfalls.

lonavala dams

7 The weather is almost always pleasant. It’s astounding how the hills do that. it is a delight to witness the marvelous views of the Western Ghats as well as the city from the hills of Lonavala.

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