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Sewri Mangrove Park: 7 lessor known things about Sewri Mangrove Park

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Sewri Mangrove Park: It is located near Sewri station at harbor line in Mumbai. This park consists of 15 acres of mangroves in the mudflats between Sewri and Trombay.

How To Reach Sewri Mangrove Park:

It can be reached from Sewri station on the Harbour line of the Mumbai suburban railway network. Get out on the east, cross the highway and commence walking due east. Follow the road as it turns right, and proceed to Sewri jetty. The walk takes about 15 minutes. Taxis will take you to the jetty, but it is hard to find one back.

Here we have 7 lessor known things about Sewri Mangrove Park

1 The Sewri Mangrove Park was declared a protected area by the Bombay Port Trust on January 15 1996. In 1995, the BPT had undertaken to protect this area from any new construction or dredging activity.

Sewri Mangrove Park

2 Seven species of mangroves have been identified in this area. It is one of Mumbai’s popular tourist attractions for many years.

Mangrove in mumbai

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3 A very large number of birds either live in, or visit these swamps. In 1994 Flamingoes returned to mudflats after forty years. In a few hours of a winter afternoon one can expect to see many species.

rare birds in mumbai

4 Even after so many efforts to save to beautiful site, thousands of Mangrove have been died for many reasons.

Sewri Mangrove Park

5 In recent times Authorities have banned parking of tankers on the road leading towards the Sewri Mangrove Park. Due to parking of oil tankers, soil of many areas of this park is ruined.

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6 Naturalists and bird lovers, who have been regularly making rounds to Sewri Jetty for bird watching, demand that after successfully stopping parking of tankers on the road leading towards the jetty, authorities should now initiate the restoration of mangroves by taking up mangrove plantation in the area.

Sewri Mangrove Park flamingoes

7 Sewri mudflats are an important habitat for several migratory birds including Flamingos, which annually arrive at Sewri jetty, near Sewri Mangrove Park. This area has been declared as Important Bird Area (IBA).

Sewri jetty

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