Haunted Station: 7 Most Haunted stations in Mumbai

goregaon station accident

Haunted Station in Mumbai: The local train service are hailed as the ‘lifeline’ of Mumbai, assuring that the masses of the city are able to travel from one corner to the other for occupation. However, little is it known, that the commutation through the locals cause the death of 5 …

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9 Crazy Facts about Sachin Tendulkar’s House

sachin;s house

Sachin Tendulkar’s house is one of the most spacious and gorgeous ones on the planet. Sachin Needs no introduction but his banglow needs some. It is not as popular as Shahrukh’s Mannat, Amitabh Bhacchan’s Jalsa and many other. It is so unpopular that 99% people including sachins Biggest fans dont …

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16 Most Interesting Facts About Bollywood


Bollywood : Indian Cinema is 105 Year old. Indian Cinema is known as Bollywood around the world. The cinema of India consists of films produced across India. Cinema as a medium has immense popularity in the country and as many as 1,600 films in various languages of India are produced …

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10 Crazy Facts About Mukesh Ambani’s Home- Antilia

Mukesh Ambani’s Home- Antilia: You must have heard about world’s most costliest home “Antilia” owned by Business tycoon Mukesh Ambani. There are many Interesting Things about this home. Some of them may surprise you. Let us see one by one Big Staff Team: A staff of around 600 members looked …

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Chembur : 11 Interesting Things to know about Chembur

During 1940 Chembur was a small Suburban located at Trombay (now part of Thane District). It has a history of more than 500 years. But it was an unpopular place Before Independence. The railway station is more than 110 year old. It came under reclamation year after year and today …

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