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richest muslim in mumbai

Mumbai’s Richest Muslims: 6 Richest Muslim living in Mumbai

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Mumbai’s Richest Muslims: Four Muslims are listed among the top 100 rich Indians in the ranking for the year 2011, released by Forbes.

1 Azim Premji (3rd) from IT industry Wipro,

2 Yusuf Hamied (30th) from pharmaceutical Cipla,

3 Habil Khorakiwala (80th) Chairman of generics maker Wockhardt and

4 Irfan Razack (87th) from the real estate industry Prestige Estates are among the richest Indians.

Here we have 6 Mumbai’s Richest Muslims and their connection with mumbai

1 Wipro’s Azim Premji

Azim Premji

India’s second richest man and Mumbai’s Richest Muslims. An electrical engineer from Stanford University, Premji is part of Bombay’s Khoja elite. The Premjis owned a vegetable oil business incorporated in 1945 which Azim Premji inherited at the age of 21, after his father died in 1966. He founded the software division of the company in Bangalore at the age of 35, and that made Wipro the force it is.

2 Habil Khorakiwala

Wockhardt group is the first true healthcare group from India, and Dr. Habil Khorakiwala has been the captain of this ship. He steers it and has built it sturdy. Dr. Khorakiwala majored in Pharmacy from the L M College in Ahmedabad and later acquired a Masters Degree in Pharmaceutical Science from Purdue University, USA. The Khorakiwalas also founded the first departmental stores in India, Akbarally’s.

richest muslim in mumbai

As of today, Wockhardt is a USD 841 million (and counting) pharmaceutical company. The firm engages in an endless list of CSR activities and has a workforce of 7500 people from 14 nations. The Government of India has nominated Dr. Habil Khorakiwala for various committees and councils. no doubt that he is one of Mumbai’s Richest Muslims.

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3 Gulrez Alam

richest muslim in india

Gulrez, an MBA from IILM New Delhi, founded Resultrix in 2008. It is a leading service provider of search engine marketing (SEM), search engine optimization (SEO), affiliate and social media marketing. They are certified partners with Google AdWords and Google Analytics. Resultrix has also been listed as a Microsoft adExcellence Company. In a matter of six years of its formation, it has been acquired by Publicis Group. If you do want to catch him while he’s in Mumbai and make it look accidental, try the Sunday Farmer’s Market at Bandra.

4 Farhan Azmi

richest person in mumbai

What started as a hangout place for friends has metamorphosed into Infinity Hotels Pvt. Ltd., which is the parent company of Koyla, Café Basilico, Basilico House, and ChaiCoffi. Each is unique in its concept and the audience it looks to serve. All these have proved to place people want to be seen in. All throughout, Farhan has carefully carved himself a niche keeping in mind what he calls ‘space-starved’ Mumbaikars.

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5 Faisal Farooqui

most powerful muslim in india

Faisal also co-founded Zarca Interactive, an online survey software. He has received various awards and titles, like the Manthan Award by Govt. of India – Best Youth Website (2006), Indian Digital Media Awards – Best Web Portal of the Year-Gold (2011), etc. In addition to the awards, he was named Top Entrepreneur by the Entrepreneur Magazine in 2012 and one of the Top 100 Digital Icons of India 2012. When he isn’t busy receiving awards, he’s giving talks at prestigious institutions such as the American University in Dubai, IIM Ahmedabad, and IIT Mumbai. He published a paper on “Application of Market Research Towards Proactive Customer Relationship Management” in 2003. What’s more, he also pioneered auto rickshaw advertising.

6 Irfan Razack

richest muslim in the world

Irfan established Prestige in 1986, which is now a public company, with over 90 million square feet of commercial, retail, and residential properties gracing its profile so far. Irfan is now one of Mumbai’s Richest Muslims. His love for extreme adventure is reflected in the goals he sets for Prestige and the velocity at which the company is expanding. He guided it for INR 4300 crore, which amounts to about 8 million square feet for the financial year 2014. Mr. Sattar has received many awards, including Real Estate Excellence Award (2008) and the Best Developer Award (2009) by Karnataka State Town Planning Development. He has also held important posts like Honorary secretary of Al-Ameen Educational Society, President of Bangalore Commercial Association (BCA) and Chairman of CREDAI.

NOTE: number 3, 4 and 5 are not Mumbai’s richest Muslims but are recognised as well known enterpreneures

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