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Mumbai Water logging

Mumbai Water logging: 7 Reasons Why Mumbai has to suffer during monsoon Every Single Year

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Mumbai Water logging: Mumbai is said to be a Dream city to live in, but certainly not during the monsoon seasons. Mumbaikars are used to for water logging, Delay and some time suspension of train services, path wholes on roads etc.

Mumbai comes to halt due to heavy rain falls and water logging for minimum 3 to 4 days, almost every year during the monsoon. (Mumbai Water logging)

One does not need to do PhD thesis to understand why this horrid experience visits upon the city every year.

The real Reasons Why Mumbai Has to Suffer during monsoon Every Single Year

1 The city has a drainage problem. Every time it rains when the high tide is on, the rainwater does not flow out of the city. It backs up and inundates every low-lying part

mumbai drainage system

2 Among the low-lying parts is the railway tracks, said to be a few feet below the mean sea level (MSL) and that explains their submersion. The compounding is by the garbage that chokes the escape paths.

mumbai drainage system

3 The contractors who failed and hold the city to ransom are not punished. They, in fact, continue to be bidders for the work year upon year, and no one bats an eye. In fact, it is a routine. So live with it. The city has a habit of calculating the loss of business or the impact on the economy. It may make sense to impose an equivalent as fine on the contractors.

Mumbai flodded 2018

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4 Some 10 percent of the city’s garbage is plastic, which means 650 metric tonnes per day. Each plastic bag weighs a few grams, even a plastic bottle. Imagine the abandon with which plastic is thrown. It is possible that the weight estimated is of only the garbage collected. The plastic bags are the real culprits while the other solid wastes, including construction material and thermocol to add to the crisis.

Mumbai monsoon 2018

5 Though it is a routine requirement to be routinely attended to, contracts for clearance of drains – nallahs as we call them – are issued late. The work starts after a lag, and the contractor hopes the muck not cleared would somehow get washed away, and he is saved the expenditure of having to clean them up.

mumbai water logging

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6 It is not understood that solid waste management is not only a piece of work to be taken up before the monsoon. They need to be kept constantly clean because there are health hazards of not attending to them.

Dadar water logging

7 Above all, the city resident is a culprit too. He throws the garbage anywhere, but he is helpless as he is careless. Helpless because there are no convenient garbage bins, and even if the claim is of 7,500 tonnes of garbage per day, it is the collected garbage. The quantity of the uncollected garbage is anyone’s guess but they are what choke the drains.

mumbai flood 2018

Source: www.firstpost.com (by Mahesh Vijapurkar) (Mumbai Water logging)

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