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Mumbai Station Theft

Mumbai Station Theft: Top 5 Mumbai Stations which witnesses highest cases of theft

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Mumbai Station Theft: Cases of theft are increasing in Mumbai since last so many years. Majority of mumbaikars must have experience it.

Mumbai Station Theft: Mumbai local trains are considered as the lifeline of the people in this city, even day thousands of people use this mode of transport to commute. However, there has been an increase in thefts taking place in stations. According to a report, a data compiled by Western Railway says that Andheri station has topped the list of theft cases, with 1,825 cases, in just six months.

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If you are at Andheri, refrain from keeping your wallet in your back pocket; in Bandra, clutch your mobile phone extra tight; at Borivali, keep a hawk’s eye on your belongings. Because if you don’t, then chances of you being robbed are exponentially high.

top theft station mumbai

According to data compiled by the Western Railway, Andheri has emerged to be the crook central with a whopping 1,825 cases of theft registered by passengers in just six months this year. Giving it tough competition are Bandra and Borivali with 1,461and 1,429 cases respectively.

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Combined, the three suburban junctions make up almost 60 per cent of the total 8,212 cases reported on the entire stretch of WR’s suburban network in 2018. Officials say, about 90 per cent of the cases are related to mobile phone thefts.

One of the busiest stations on WR, Andheri witnesses daily passenger traffic of over six lakhs (Mumbai Station Theft)

As per the survey conducted on college students travelling in Mumbai local, there were 67% Students who have either got theft or have seen cases of theft.

Here are the list of Top 5 Mumbai railway Stations which witnesses highest cases of theft

1 Andheri station with Most Theft Cases has topped the list

Mumbai Station Theft andheri

2 Bandra is not far from Andheri in Highest Theft Cases

bandra theft station

3 Borivali close behind in the list of most Thefts

Mumbai Station Theft borivali

4 Thane Station in Theft List is 4Th

Mumbai Station Theft thane

5 Parel has witnessed number of Theft Cases

mumbai mobile stolen

With Bandra and Borivali close behind Andheri, the suburban railway station has already recorded 1,825 cases this year.

Explaining the upsurge, an official from Andheri RPF said that most of the thefts were reported on platform no 6, 7, 8 and 9. “Thieves take advantage of the rush and the fact that the passengers are tired after a hard day at work and their guard is considerably down.”

Apart from the footfall, paucity in the number of CCTV cameras is another factor. Of the 161 cameras required, Andheri only has 42.

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Notorious for Phatka gang attacks, Bandra landed in the list because Andheri passengers mostly realised they had been robbed only after they were in the train. “They then alight at Bandra and register the cases here,” said another official.

The figures, however, have seen a slight dip as compared to last year when 9,825 cases were recorded during the same period. Officials credit this to extensive operations and awareness drives. (Mumbai Station Theft)

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