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Mumbai Girls : 7 Reasons why Mumbai Girls are Best

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Mumbai Girls may not be as beautiful as from other cities, they may not be as attractive as others, may not be as intelligent as others, but certainly they are coolest girls on Earth. Their dressing style, their way of talking, way they handle things in their daily life, make them very special. Below are some of the things which make them superior than others

1. Making adjustments is in their blood.

mumbai local ladies compartment

Mumbai is a city where people live in a very small houses, travel in packed trains, walk on small roads, so that makes them highly accommodate. This is precisely the reason why girls in Mumbai are so adjustable. Yes, these girls can adjust in any and every situation without any discomfort or stress unlike other girls.

2.They are Independent travelers.

mumbai local

Mumbai is city where mostly girls have To travel from very early age and they like travelling more than anything. Traveling with parents is not possible every time and it’s a safe place for girls so they get independence easily.

3. Mumbai Girls don’t show off

marine drive

The girls from Mumbai don’t like to show off. They are happy in sharing things with others rather than having attitude and showing off. They don’t like talking too much about things by her own which others​ don’t have.

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4. Think From a Broader Perspective:

They are not narrative. They think for a long term and broader perspective. Since, Mumbai is full of people from different caste, religion, area and culture, the girls have a good exposure to different people and their point of view. This is the reason why the girls are culturally advanced and have a broad perspective.

5.They Are ground to Earth

Mumbai Girls

They are very humble and Live life on the edge, these girls aren’t the ones who’ll roam in Mercedes rather they like to travel in local trains with others.

6. Hanging Out with Mumbai girls is not that hard

Mumbai Girls allows new ones into their group, like in college and office without much difficulties. It’s easy for others also, whether girl or boy to mix up with them.

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7. They love simplicity:

Mumbai Girls

Unlike in other parts of India, where girls might judge you based on your clothes, shoes and assets, Mumbai girls might simply love you for your sophistication. Yes, simplicity is the ultimate sophistication for them as it speaks volume about the person. No, you don’t have to splurge on yourself to impress this girl. It can be messy, go easy with her.

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