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10 Crazy Facts About Mukesh Ambani’s Home- Antilia

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Mukesh Ambani’s Home- Antilia: You must have heard about world’s most costliest home “Antilia” owned by Business tycoon Mukesh Ambani. There are many Interesting Things about this home. Some of them may surprise you. Let us see one by one

Big Staff Team:

A staff of around 600 members looked after the house. Yes….. 600 staff for family of 5 Members.

Big Space:

The home has 27 floors with extra-high ceilings which actually makes Antilia around 40 floor building. It occupied 400,000 square foot area. The house called Antilia is constructed on the 49,000 square foot plot that touches the height of almost 550 feet.


Naming of this house:

It is believed that the name Antilia is taken from an island Atlantic. Atlantic is one the seven Ocean on Earth.

Antilia gate

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Big Parking Space:

Out of 27 floors, 4 floors are reserved for car Parking. There is a space for around 200 cars at a time.


Beside parking space there is Helipad space for 3 Helicopters on the roof of Antilia. So if you have one helicopter then you can reach antilia by Air too.

Antilia helipad

Room for Gym and Yoga:

Mukesh Ambani and his Family may not look fit but their house is equipped with spa, a gym and the yoga corner that helps the Ambani’s family to remain fit.

Temple Inside:

There is a small Temple inside at the corner of the house, where the whole family gets to prayer regularly.

temple inside Antilia

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Home Theatre:

The Antilia has a Big Home Theatre. This Theatre has a capacity for 50 people.

structure of Antilia

Energy Efficient:

The interior of the home is designed such as to save the energy and the hanging gardens absorb sunlight that keeps the house fresh and cool.


House with Cold:

The house has its own snow world that keeps the house cool even when it is burning hot outside. The room is called ice room that makes them experience the season of winters indoor.

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