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Mohammed Ali Road food

Mohammed Ali Road Food: 9 Things you must try here at Mohammed Ali Road

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Mohammed Ali Road Food: Mohammed Ali Road is known for its Non-Vegetarian Foods all over Mumbai for many years. Specially during Ramadan this place receives maximum visitors.

There are few mouthwatering Non-vegetarian dishes you would love to try. Many People Things that you can get only Non-Veg Items here, but it’s not true. There are many delicious Vegetarians items available. Few Veg Foods are so yummy which you can’t find anywhere else in Mumbai.

So now without wasting any time, let’s have a look of 10 Items you must try here at Mohammed Ali Road Food stalls

1 Tandoori style quails

Tandoori style quails at mohamed ali road

There are around 10 types of Tandoori quails available here. Good tandoori quails is a delight, the quick sealing and cooking of spiced and marinated meat in the tandoor gas.

2 Mawa Jalebis

mawa jalebi of mohammed ali road

Mawa Jalebis were originated in Madhya Pradesh. hese jalebis are made using mawa, arrowroot and milk, which give them a distinct, sweet flavour. But the taste of Mawa Jalebis here at Mohammed ali road is quite different.

3 Kebabs

kebabs of mohammed ali road

You will see Kebabs all over Mohammed ali road. You can get maximum style of kebabs only here. There are some famous Chota Kebab shops which sold unbelievably great pieces of Kebabs.

4 Nalli Nihari

Nihari or Nalli NIhali is a stew consisting of slow-cooked meat mainly beef or lamb along with bone marrow. It’s probably the most selling food here.

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5 Biryani

Each Stall of Mohammed ali road food shop makes different style of Biryani. You would have heard about chicket biryani, anda biryani etc, but you will get to know many other types and names of Biryani here.

6 Malpuas

mohammed ali road

It’s a Ramdan special item. But don’t worry; there are few shops who sell it 365 days of a year. malpuas are a rich, pancake like sweet that is deep fried and then dipped into sugar syrup.

7 Masala DoodhMasala Doodh mohammed ali road

Mohammed Ali Road Foods shops also sell Masala Doodh or flavoured milk. It is the best refreshment to quench your thirst. Masala Doodh is a hot milk loaded with richness of dry fruits

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8 Mithais or sweets

Mohammed Ali Road mithais

It serves desserts and fast food. The food here is cooked in desi ghee. It is fully packed during Ramzan to get mithais from here.

9 Shawarmas

Malpuas mohammed ali road

No one can make shwaramas in Mumbai like the Mohammed Ali Road food. If you haven’t visited mohemmed ali road then, probably you must not be knowing about Shawarmas real taste.

10 Bheja Fry

Mohammed ali road food

Bheja fry is a dish made here with goat Brain which has a texture of scrambled eggs that are cooked with tomato sauce, chillies, onions and ginger etc. It is served with Naal, Roti or Pav.

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