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Maya Dolas

Maya Dolas: 10 Lessor known facts about Maya Dolas and his encounter

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Maya Dolas, was an Indian underworld gangster who used to work for the D-Company don, Dawood Ibrahim. He was killed in an encounter at the 1991 Lokhandwala Complex shootout by the then Additional Police Commissioner of Mumbai, Aftab Ahmed Khan, at the age of 25.

Lessor known things and story of Maya Dolas

1 Dolas was born to Vithoba and Ratnaprabha Dolas. He was one of their six children. Dolas completed his education at ITI Mumbai.

Maya Dolas


2 Dolas joined the Ashok Joshi gang in 1980 and rose quickly through the ranks in the outfit. He ran several successful extortion rackets for the criminal – politician Ashok Joshi’s gang at Kanjur village which was also affiliated with the Byculla Company.

maya dolas

3 In the late 1980s, the Bombay underworld was under the firm control of the D-Company, headed by Dawood Ibrahim. From his base in Dubai, Ibrahim controlled underworld activities through his various lieutenants. Among the most prominent was Mahindra Dolas, a gangster who was known more popularly by his nickname Maya. Dolas had got his start running several successful extortion rackets for the Congress criminal-politician, Ashok Joshi’s gang at Kanjurmarg. On 3 December 1988, Joshi was killed at the Bombay-Pune road near Panvel by a 15-man hit squad led by Chhota Rajan at Ibrahim’s orders.

dawood maya

4 After Joshi’s murder, Maya later broke out of the Ashok Joshi gang, and formed his own gang. He then convinced notorious Joshi gang sharpshooter Dilip Buwa to switch sides. On 17 September 1989, they led a stealth attack against the Joshi gang in Kanjurmarg, in which five people were killed.

Kanjurmarg gangster

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5 Dolas and Buwa were a feared duo and soon began a steady rise within the ranks of the D-Company. Maya Dolas had Big Ambitions and he wanted to become the top Gangster of Mumbai. He started to refuse orders of Dawood.

maya boowa

6 Dawood henchmen Dolas and Dilip Buwa, along with four others, were in this apartment when they were surrounded by the Mumbai Police led by Aftab Ahmed Khan; it was later alleged that Khan had been tipped off by Dawood who wanted the police to kill them.


7 Dolas’ story was made into a 2007 movie titled Shootout at Lokhandwala, with Vivek Oberoi playing the role of Maya, and Amrita Singh acting as his mother Ratnaprabha Dolas. The 1991 Lokhandwala Complex shootout was a gunbattle that occurred on 16 November 1991 at the Lokhandwala Complex, Bombay (now Mumbai), between seven gangsters led by Maya Dolas and members of the Mumbai police and the ATS.

maya dolas vivek

8 Chhota Rajan objected to the film, saying that it “grossly distorts the facts”. In response, A A Khan, the cop who led up front the team which gunned down Dolas, rubbished Rajan’s claim.  He said that the operation was videographed and it was conducted in full view of the public.


9 The ensuing four-hour shootout, much of it publicised live on news channels, made Dolas infamous, and the police officer Khan a household name.

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10 After the encounter, it was alleged that the anti-terrorist squad (ATS) which had participated in the encounter had made off with Rs. 70 lakh cash which was with Dolas. A number of inquiries conducted by the Mumbai police failed to turn up any concrete evidence.

police who killed maya

The shootout resulted in a great deal of controversy for the ATS. The ATS was suspected of staging a fake encounter and subsequently dragged to court. A magisterial inquiry was ordered as questions were raised on the use of 450 rounds of ammo and the need for a “daylight” encounter. The ATS was also charged with walking away with Rs 7 million which belonged to Maya Dolas. Petitions alleging corruption were also filed against Khan. However, the trial ended with Khan and other involving ATS officers acquittal.

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