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Mandapeshwar Caves

7 things about Mumbai’s lesser known place Mandapeshwar Caves at Dahisar, Borivali

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Mandapeshwar Caves is Mumbai’s one of Beautiful but also one of most unknown place. The Mandapeshwar Caves is an 8th Century rock-cut shrine dedicated to Lord Shiva located near Mount Poinsur in Borivali, a suburb of Mumbai.

Mandapeshwar Caves is a beautiful solitude place with the main temple area having Shiva ling. This area is always cooler then the outside temperature.

Here are 7 Things about Mandapeshwar Caves every mumbaikar must know

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1 Originally, the caves were on the banks of the Dahisar River but later the course of the river changed. The name of the neighbourhood was derived from this temple.

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2 The caves are believed to have been built approximately 1500 to 1600 years ago. The sculptures in these caves are estimated to have been carved out at the same period as of those seen in the more splendid Jogeshwari Caves. It contained the largest Mandapa and a prominent Garbagriha.


3 Being a Hindu temple, it was targeted by the Portuguese, who asserted their religious beliefs over it by literally building a monastery and a church dedicated to Our Lady of Immaculate Conception on top of the cave temple. Fr. Porto founded the monastery and church in 1544.

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4 In the 18th century the church was desecrated after the Battle of Bassein in which the Marathas defeated the Portuguese. They uncovered and worshipped the rock-cut sculptures again, but towards the end of the 18th century the British defeated the Marathas and the caves once again functioned as a place of Christian worship.


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5 This cave has seen through time, World war (when the soldiers used it), General people used to stay, Initial Portuguese used it as a place of prayer. These caves were witness to a series of invasions in the surrounding areas by different rulers and each time the caves were used for a different reason.

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6 There are four rock-cut shrines in Mumbai: Elephanta Caves, Jogeshwari Caves, Mahakali Caves, Mandapeshwar Caves. All four caves have the same sculptures. The sculptures at Mandapeshwar were created beginning in the late Gupta Empire


7 The Mandapeshwar caves perhaps have the most tumultuous history of all the Mumbai caves, or so it would seem from the scars the walls still bear.

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