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Rajmachi Point

Lonavala Monsoon: 5 Must visit Places in Lonavla and khandala

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Lonavala Monsoon: Home to scenic landscapes, cascading waterfalls, ancient caves and forts, and captivating sunset points, the hill towns of Lonavla ans khandala near Mumbai; will fill you up with their quintessential hilly charm. These two hill stations are popular weekend getaways and attract hordes of travellers throughout the year. Though the weather in Lonavla and Khandala is salubrious all year round, but the monsoons are considered the best time to visit, when the greenery abounds the valleys, and meandering pathways look stunning in glistening dew. Far away from the trappings of the city life, these two hilly destinations will rejuvenate your senses and will engulf you in their vacation vibe. Follow our guide to explore the top attractions in Lonavla and Khandala.

Here are the top 5 Attractions you must visit this monsoon near Lonavla and khandla (Lonavala Monsoon)

1 Lonavla Lake

Lonavla Lake lonavla

Also known as the Monsoon Lake, the Lonavla Lake is one of the most popular attractions of the region. Scenic and calm, the surroundings of the lake make for a perfect spot for an early morning or a late afternoon picnic. While the lake dries up completely during the summer months, it springs to life during monsoons and remains so throughout the winters. Take a lazy stroll around the lake in the evening with your significant other or simply sit beside it and gaze at the sundown—each moment spent at the Lonavla Lake will fill you up with charming experiences. Adventure lovers can choose to indulge in activities like swimming and angling at Lonavla Lake.

2 Rajmachi Point

Rajmachi Point lonavla

Lying between Lonavla and Khandala, the Rajmachi Point is a must visit in the beautiful hill station. Two major forts comprise the fortification of Rajmachi—the Manaranjan Fort and the Shrivardhan Fort.

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3 Tiger’s Leap

Tigers Leap lonavla

Just a furlong away from INS Shivaji (training institute of the Indian Navy), the Tiger’s Leap is another major attraction of Lonavala. Tiger’s Leap is named so because when one looks at the valley from this spot, it appears as if a tiger is leaping into the valley. This scenic destination is also a great vantage point to admire picture-perfect vistas of the encompassing valley. Just around the Tiger’s Leap, there is a small waterfall that active only during the monsoons. Following a brief steep descent, the waterfall forms a stream with a fair amount of force that goes all the way till the base of Tiger’s Leap. Relaxing in the water is one of the most favoured activities of the tourists visiting this spot.

4 Duke’s Nose (Nagphani)

Dukes Nose lonavala

Also known as Nagphani, Duke’s Nose was named after the Duke of Wellington. Standing tall amidst the Western Ghats, the Duke’s Nose is called so because of its very shape— an inclined peak jutting out like a nose.

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5 Bushy Dam

Bushy Dam lonavala

Perched amidst the backdrop of hilly terrains and lush green environs, the Bushy Dam is one of the majestic spots of Lonavla. A masonry dam on the Indrayani River, the dam was built as a source of water for the Great Indian Peninsular Railway. In 2014, Indian Railways announced plans to further develop the barrage as a tourist spot in collaboration with the private sector. Monsoons are the best time to visit the dam when water gushes out from it and makes for a breathtaking cascade. While swimming is not allowed owing to the unpredictability of the water flow, it is surely a scenic attraction in the hill town, and provides travellers with great photo ops.

Credit: timesofindia.indiatimes.com (Lonavala Monsoon)

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