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Lakes Near Mumbai

Lakes Near Mumbai: 6 Beautiful Lakes In mumbai you must visit once a while

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Lakes Near Mumbai: Lakes are major source of drinking water for Mumbai. There are few biggest and beautiful lakes in and around Mumbai.

6 Lakes Near Mumbai which provide drinking water to Mumbai are.

1 Powai Lake, Hiranandani

Powai Lake mumbai

“Powai lake is one of the 6 major Lakes Near Mumbai located at Andheri suburb, Supplying water to Industries as of now, and is part of green zone which connects Sanjay Gandhi National Park located at south of Hiranandani Complex..” About 45 minutes travel distance from Andheri station, Complete surrounding of Powai lake falls under Non Development Zone that is stretching till National Park at Borivali.

2 Tulsi Lake, Borivali National Park

Tulsi Lake, Borivali National Park

“Tulsi is one of the pure and fresh drinking water lakes near Mumbai suburb, Other being near is Vihar lake. Tulsi lake in Mumbai is one of the scenic lake flowing behind Borivali National Park between those dense forest, This natural lake has birds, fish and other reptiles surrounded by lush greenery around.”

Seeing the best location to store drinking water throughout year, Once old River tasso located near tulsi lake and Vihar lake water was diverted towards tulsi which along with Vihar connects to Mithi at far long.

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3 Vaitarna Lake, Manor

Vaitarna Lake, Manor

“Vaitarna lake is located near wada village at Manor location (Far North Western Suburb), 91 kms from Mumbai city. This lake is one of the sweet and pure drinking water source after tulsi lake..”

Vaitarna lake is not actually in Mumbai, but it is a very important source of water for Mumbai suburb and far north locations like Virar and Vasai like the tulsi lake. It is located in Thane district location called ‘Wada Village’ quite near to Manor on western Express highway.

4 Tansa Lake, Atgaon

Tansa Lake, Atgaon

“Tansa lake (Dam) is one of those 3 major drinking water reservoir out of total 6 lakes near Mumbai, Located at Mahuli hills (Atgaon) about 85.3 km from Mumbai Airport, this lake was the only fresh water lake built back in 1892 which has its Tansa Dam project done by 1925 supplying 430 MLD water to city..”

Tansa is said to be the longest and oldest masonry dam in Mumbai and throughout world that covers are of 320 sq.km (or 2.74 kms). Currently the pipelines at Tansa dam are twin riveted with diameter of 1800 made by Indian engineers.

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5 Vihar Lake, Borivali National Park

Vihar Lake, Borivali National Park

Vihar lake is yet another drinking water source to Mumbai. Constructed in around 1840, This water reservoir also has water filtration plant on other end which is near to Tulsi lake, Both falling under green forest premise of Borivali national park with road going from film city and behind Powai lake pine line road..”

Vihar lake was the very first fresh drinking water reservoir and one of the very few water bodies inside Mumbai. Till date it supplies piped clean drinking water to city which goes to the water filtration plant connected to the lake.

6 Bhatsa Lake

Bhatsa Lake

“Bhatsa is an important lake near Mumbai, Located between Shahpur and Khardi on National Highway 3 (NH3), exactly on opposite side of Highway where Bhatsa Village and Tansa lake is located. This Dam and water reservoir is about 96 km from Mumbai and is one of the 6 major sources of water used by citizens, irrigation and hydro electrical power projects in city.”

Bhatsa Dam is connected to two major rivers which are Bhatsa River and Corna River in Thane district at about 96 kilometres from Mumbai city. Its is at a distance of 17 kilometers from Tansa Lake located in a location on opposite side called Bhatsa. Another nearest lake called Vaitarna is in the vicinity at some kilometres distance.

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Source: mumbai77 (Lakes Near Mumbai)

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