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Hiranandani: 7 things about Mumbai’s most developed Hiranandani township

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Hiranandani is an upmarket township consisting of condominiums, penthouses, bungalows and commercial complexes in Powai in the city of Mumbai. It was constructed by the Hiranandani Group. It houses several startup companies, Investment banking firms, Venture capital firms and BPOs.

Here are 7 things about Mumbai’s most developed Hiranandani township which i bet you must not be knowing

1 Hiranandani township is a combination of residential and commercial complexes. Due to the nature of businesses held in Hiranandani, the Powai area is referred to as India’s Silicon Valley.


2 Hiranandani Gardens houses several gardens and parks; the main garden being “Hiranandani Gardens” situated on the intersection of Orchard Avenue and High Street – opposite Foundation School. Other prominent gardens are Heritage Garden, Nirvana Park and Glen Society Garden.

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3 In the 1990s, Hiranandani group constructed Galleria shopping complex in the township. This shopping complex epitomizes the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II in Milan.


4 Situated at the center of the township, the shopping complex is constructed in two floors and houses banks, parking lot, food court, restaurants, pubs and several shops. The Galleria is a tourist attraction and several movies, commercials, TV serials and songs have been filmed here.

Hiranandani powai

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5 Scorpio House is situated opposite Galleria and houses the headquarters of Scorpio Marine Management India Pvt. Ltd. Constructed in 1995, the building is spread over 65,000 square feet. This building was earlier called Bayer House and was the headquarter of Bayer India limited from 1995 to 2013.

Hiranandani Scorpio House

6 Situated on the Hill Side Avenue, Hospital. The hospital started operations in February 2004 and is the first hospital in western India to receive the National Accreditation Board for Hospitals & Healthcare Providers accreditation.

Hiranandani Hospital

7 Hiranandani Knowledge Park is situated opposite the Hospital and houses IFCAI Business School. The school offers bachelor’s (BBA), master’s (MBA) and doctoral (Ph.D) degrees in Business administration and management. The Japanese School of Mumbai, serving Mumbai’s Japanese families, is located in the Knowledge Park.

Hiranandani knowledge park

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