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Dirtiest Stations: 8 Most Dirtiest Stations in Mumbai you will not Believe

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Dirtiest Stations in Mumbai: Despite plush gifts of elevators and escalators to various suburban railway stations in Mumbai, there are still some dirtiest stations in the Mumbai. Mumbai is a financial capital of India. Mumbai’s stations are busiest stations in india. Mumbai rail network is a lifeline of Mumbai. But they still rank the lowest when it comes to hygiene in the nationwide cleanliness survey of the 407 stations.

Out of the 407, 75 stations were from Mumbai and have slipped in ranks when it came to cleanliness. The survey was conducted by the Quality Council of India based on criteria such as toilets on platforms, and management of tracks and dustbins. Amongst all the 407 stations, Vishakhapatnam station was voted the cleanliest station followed by Secunderabad (Telangana), while Darbhanga (Bihar) is the dirtiest.

Mumbai, however, showed bad results with Dadar performing the worst which slipped from rank 102 last year to rank 330 this year.

Here we look at 10 most Dirtiest stations in Mumbai

Note: Mumbai includes Thane, Navi Mumbai, Harbour Mumbai and Rural Thane till Virar.

1 Dadar:

Dirtiest Stations

As per survey, Dadar performing the worst which slipped from rank 102 last year to rank 330 this year. There is some improvement over the year but still it is below the standard. There is a huge flower and vegetable market outside dadar which is a biggest hurdle in keeping the station clean.

2. Kalyan

Dirtiest Stations

One of most Dirtiest stations in Mumbai is Kalyan, tracks are in bad condition, bathrooms and washrooms not clean timely, no cleaning as per standard mentioned by Bharat Swatacha Abhiyan. There are number of beggars sitting on platform and bridges making place dirty and smelly. Number of hawkers throwing plastic everywhere.

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3. Bhiwandi

Dirtiest Stations

The Bhiwandi station lies on the Vasai-Diva corridor, between the Western line and Central line. An EMU service runs from Diwa to Vasai. Many mail trains make a stop here including trivandrum rajdhani. Bhiwandi is also one of most populated place in Mumbai. It is also not cleaned up as per standard and it is in the list of dirtiest stations in mumbai.

4. Ulhasnagar

Dirtiest Stations

Ulhasnagar is a city located in the Thane district. The once-barren land has developed into a rich town of Thane district. A suburban railway station was built in 1955. One can see lot of plastics and bottles around station. There is another reason why this station is in the list of dirtiest stations is dogs in and around station. People of Ulhasnagar can understand it better.

5. Mahim

Dirtiest Stations

The facade of Mahim railway station (West) has been marred by the pasting of illegal posters on its facade. The place also has a strong stench of urine, as the station wall becomes a makeshift urinal at night for pavement dwellers. If the railways are serious they can certainly take to task the persons responsible for these ugly acts.

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6. kurla

Dirtiest Stations

It is among the oldest railway stations in India, it being part of the original 21 mile (33.8 km) Great Indian Peninsular Railway (GIPR) section between Bombay (Mumbai) and Tannah (Thane) that opened in 1853. You will find most number of beggars at this station. Bridges are home to many which makes it smelly and dirty.

7. Bandra

Dirtiest Stations bandra

Bandra may be one of most beautiful and oldest station of Mumbai, But it is Bandra east which has made this station one of most dirtiest. there is a big difference between bandra easr and bandra west. there is big slum attached with station and it is one of dirtiest slum of Mumbai.

8. Nallasopara

Dirtiest Stations

Nallasopara is one of most growing locality of thane-palghar district. Recent developments and growing population making the place one of the most dirtiest. No Urinal, lot of rush, Thousands of Red spit marks all around the station makes this station ugly.

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