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8 Most Expensive Celebrity House in Mumbai

Expensive Celebrity House:- Mumbai is home of celebrities. Mumbai is also known as Bollywood around the globe. Now let’s compare some of the costliest Celebrity homes situated in Mumbai 1. MANNAT – SHAHRUKH KHAN 200 CR It is near the seashore at Bandstand in Bandra. It was Bought from the …

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8 Reasons To Absolutely Hate Mumbai

Reasons To Absolutely Hate Mumbai: Mumbai is a very beautiful place for many as well as annoying place for some. For people who fill Mumbai is annoying has some reason to believe. Crowd here is beyond belief, everyone is in a hurry and everything is in a mess. The houses …

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8 Things Which Only Mumbai Girls Can Do

Girls are girls and they are all the same goes the general perception but hold on your thoughts! If you have met or dated a Mumbai girl you’ll know how different and unique they are from rest of the girls around the whole of India. Here are some unique Things …

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Mumbai Vs New York : Best Comparison Ever

Mumbai Vs New York: New-York may be far more modern than Mumbai. It may provide its citizens with more amenities than Mumbai. But Mumbai is an Emotion, And Emotions don’t lie. Mumbai City will give you a lot and you will love being here because, no other city will Love …

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10 Most Crowded Stations in Mumbai

Mumbai is the city of Dreams, more than thousands of people migrate daily in search of jobs with this Mumbai is facing the problem of space whether it be for residential purpose or of Getting space in Mumbai local, here are the most crowded stations in Mumbai. 1. THANE: Thane …

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